(Video) Color and Contrast – Low Contrast

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

Low Contrast Level

Cate Blanchard lends the perfect example of low contrast.

Her hair and skin values, along with the value of her eyes are consistent.

Now that you’re filled with all this good knowledge on color contrast, view Oscar De La Renta’s 2011 Spring Fashion Runway Show with a new set of eyes.


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Color and Contrast – Medium Contrast

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

Medium Contrast Level

Dark value hair and medium value skin. Medium value hair and light value skin. Light value hair and medium value skin. These combinations make up medium contrast levels.


Jolie’s hair value is dark, and her skin value is medium.

She looks beautiful in medium valued color combinations and with medium contrasting colors displayed against her skin.

Yes, this dress has a host of faux paus.



But for now, focus on how distressing the color contrast scheme is in relationship to her natural contrast level. Low Contrast


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Pattern Mixing and Maximizing the Maxi Dress Brings Mixed Reviews

Sunday, October 24th, 2010


To borrow the words of the beautiful Erykah Badu, “I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit!”  As the steady stream of  YouTube comments for the “Keep, Tweak, Delete” video pour in, I must say that I’m a bit surprised. As a quick recap, subscribers have until October 31 to leave a YouTube comment advising me on whether to keep, tweak or delete the highlighted looks. So far, the two outfits that I favor most (Looks 1 and 2) have been less than favorable among my audience.

Rather than slit my wrist, I’ve revisited both looks. While still I strongly believe they’re great, here’s what I think I could have done to make them more appealing to the viewing audience:

Look 1. Other than have a better video camera and lighting, I’d say nothing.

  • Some said to wear a shorter dress, but I have to disagree, as the dress is the main focus. Perhaps, I might consider wearing a different jacket, but frankly, I love this jacket with the dress. The proportions of the long dress with the short jacket are spot on in my “expert” opinion.
  • I also love the colors of the dress and the tee and think both are “fall-like” colors. Check out Nicole Richie’s picture below and then take a look at my outfit.  Spot on.

Nicole Richie wearing a maxi dress and short leather jacket

My version of Maxi Dress and Short Jacket with Peep Toed Bootie. CLICK PHOTO FOR LARGER VIEW

Look 2. Okay, I totally get why no one feels this look. NO the reason is not because it’s fugly!  Sadly, the video fails to show the details of the two prints. Many of you saw the look as too busy and thought I should eliminate one print and replace with a solid. My goal, however, was to demonstrate pattern mixing. As probably most of you know, pattern mixing will be huge for Spring 2011. Unfortunately, if poorly executed or, as in this case, photographed, rather than looking brilliant, it looks a hot mess. It’s really hard to appreciate this look without the naked eye, but take another look at these new photographs of the two pieces.


Two Patterns Up Close and Personal - CLICK IMAGE FOR LARGER VIEW

The key to successfully mixing patterns includes:

  • keeping the colors in the same hue family (check);
  • making the dominate color of one print the accent color of the other (check);
  • using varying print sizes and spaces to avoid vibration (check); and
  • throwing in a solid color to break it up (check).

Here’s a great example!

Gorgeous. Click for Larger View - Photo Courtesy of Style.com

Here is another picture that I found on the Fashion Bomb Blog

Photo Courtesy of The Fashion Bomb Blog

Some of you also commented on the fit of the skirt.  Boy did I do myself a disservice in the video by lifting the jacket to show the skirt’s back detailing (2:15). Fortunately, the jacket falls at a point where it greatly camouflages the “trunk junk” (2:33) and brings balance to the entire look. It’s definitely a boxy look, so I’ll tweak it by not tucking the sweater, but the silhouette is reminiscent of that of Chanel’s, which, overall, is boxy.


So, I have to say, I stand behind both looks 100% and still think they’re dope. But I’m listening and appreciating ALL of your comments,  so PLEASE, keep them coming!

Here’s another glimpse of the video.

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Video – Keep, Tweak or Delete – Forever 21 Giveaway

Friday, October 22nd, 2010


I recently rediscovered Forever 21.  Given the fact that at this stage of my life, I’ve seen the age 21 twice, and that my past experiences were not very favorable, I had my reservations. But several Twitter Tweeps informed me that the store’s clothes work well for “skinny” petites (my words, not theirs), so I decided, “why not?”.

I sat out to Great Lakes Crossing Shopping Outlet, located in Auburn Hills, Michigan, wearing my best incognito gear. The Forever 21 at this outlet is massive! All of their specialty lines including: Heritage 1981; Twelve by Twelve; Love 21; Faith21; 21Men; and the kids line, are placed under one roof. I found some absolutely darling, inexpensive staple pieces and a few things that were right on trend. My biggest surprise was not being the oldest shopper in the store. In fact, one painfully trendy woman, wearing 3.5″ peep-toed booties, ultra low-rise jeggins, a faux fur vest, and rocking sassy red, precision cut hair, clearly looked a few years over 75. She certainly didn’t appear to “feel” out of place although, I must admit, she did receive a ton of puzzling “WTF” looks. But I digress.

In any event, check out my recently posted vlog on Vimeo or YouTube highlighting some of my key finds. I’ve opened myself up to constructive criticism, so let me know what you think. I must confess, however, that the camera really does put 10 lbs on you. There’s no way my a$$ is that big! No effing way!

Post a comment and become a YouTube subscriber if you’re not already, to enter the Forever 21 Giveaway.  I’m giving away two $25 gift cards, which, as I learned, can get you something fairly nice.

Can’t wait to hear your responses!

Subscribe and Leave your comments on YouTube .

Keep, Tweak or Delete – Forever 21 Gift Card Giveaway from The Colour Gurl on Vimeo.

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Video – Part One – Everyone Can Use a Good Image Consultant; Including the Professional

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Sure I’m a certified  image consultant and color expert, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t benefit from the help of one.   So, I’m asking you to be my personal wardrobe consultant. In this two part video, I’m giving you a glimpse of my closet and asking you to make a decision on whether or not I should keep, tweak or delete the featured outfits.

Check out Part 2 for the conclusion of this series.

Subscribe the YouTube Channel or, if you have an account, the VIMEO channel

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