Malia and Sasha – Poor Little Rich Girls Must Hand Over the Jewels
Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Malia and Sasha Obama living life as most of us don't know it. (Image DWS Celebrity News)

Dang, what good is it to be daughters of a world leader when you can’t reap the benefits? First daughters Malia and Sasha recently had to turn over gifts from Saudi Arabia – two diamond necklace and earring sets – worth $7,275. Why? Because our good ole U.S. Constitution has a clause within it banding federal officials, or their family members, from accepting foreign gifts. 

But apparently, Malia and Sasha are used to this. Since President Obama took office, they’ve had to turn over:

- Two 15-piece nesting dolls from Russia. Worth: $500.
– Four scarves, one teddy bear, and one jewelry box from South Korea. Worth: $570.
– Four dresses and two Isabel Garreton jackets. Worth: $815
– Four books and 17 DVDs from Australia. Worth: $470

So what happens to the gifts? Well, they’re carted off to the National Archives. But wait, get this. Once President Daddy leaves office, the girls, or should I say mommy or daddy, can “buy” back the gifts. Did that feel as criminal to you reading as it felt typing? Geez, the government is a bona fide racketeer.

I can’t help but wonder if the gift givers know about this policy? If they didn’t before, they probably do now.

Oh well . . .

WAIT!  Does this mean First Lady Obama is borrowing or buying all of her fancy frocks and things?

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