Women Services


P2 Styles and Image Consultants offers a wide range of services for putting style to work for you. Choose from the various individual modules:

  • Body and Physical Attributes Analysis

    We start with an analysis of your body proportions, silhouette and linear and spatial scales to help us determine the clothing styles, shoes and accessories that are best suited to your body type. Whether you are petite, tall or full figured, we can suggest ways to capitalize on your strong points, recommend flattering attire you may have never considered, and indicate styles you should avoid.

  • Color Analysis

    We determine which colors look best with your eye color and skin and hair tones to develop your personalized color palette. You may be surprised to learn that even slight color variations can make a difference in your appearance. Learn More.

  • Style Assessment

    What is your personal style? Is it conservative or trendy — or somewhere in between? Would you like to adapt your style to the particular industry you work in? From Madison Avenue to Silicon Valley, our consultants know the styles, trends and fabrics that work in a variety of industries.

  • Wardrobe Consultation

    Based on your Physical Attributes Analysis, we’ll go through your closet and select the clothing and accessories that are most flattering. We’ll also use our creative flair to mix and match items for a fresh look and suggest things you may want to shop for to fill in the gaps.

  • Personal Shopping

    Our personal shoppers provide a level of individualized attention and service beyond what a retail associate would offer. We will help you pull together an entire season’s wardrobe, show you how to develop a capsule wardrobe and build on it year after year, fill in wardrobe gaps, or find the right ensemble for a special event.

  • Coaching

    Our consultants are certified in business protocol and can help you present yourself in a focused, self-assured manner.

  • Image Makeover and Spa Packages

    Our gift consultations are one-on-one and are ideal packages to give to that special person, someone who needs a little fashion fun in thir life or who’s ready for a new look. Whether a co-worker or a friend, a spouse or parent, a bride-to-be or groom, these packages make great gifts for both you and old alike.

    All Gift Packages combine the services of P2Styles with high-end salons and spas. We book all of your (or your recipients) services when you call our studio. We would be happy to arrange additional services to add to your gift package.