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(Pics) Not Mad At Men’s Fall 2011 Fashion – Loving It!

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Hermès Fall 2011

Although the airing date for the fifth season of the television series “Man Men” is questionable, what’s certain is the show’s continued veritable sartorial influence on fashion. Since its 2007 premier, menswear has moved from uber-casual and overly relaxed to a more gentlemanly approach to dressing. For Fall 2010 we witnessed the minimalism trend highlighting classic shapes; timeless neutral colors; and exquisite fabrics, mixed together with a chic, modern edge. Paris runways indicated this powerful approach to dressing for men will continue through Fall 2011. Designers revealed status-raising styles, which proselytized the theory of less being more. While the sartorial trademarks of the men from the Sterling Cooper advertising agency may not soon be visible from our living rooms, one thing is certain. Stylish men have the option to continue bringing that touch of madness into their closets.

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(Pics) Marc Jacobs Twisted Sister Spread Industrie Mag Spread

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Marc Jacobs on the Cover of Industrie Magazine

Okay, I’m not opposed to wearing items intended for the opposite sex.  Hell, I’m guilty of occasionally donning boy jeans, jackets and tees.  I have acquaintances who enjoy wearing men suits.  (Fact is, I’m more bothered by the ill-proportioned fit than the menswear itself.)  And what fashionable female doesn’t have a zesty cross-dressing besty? I certainly do; a tall, dark, gorgeous makeup artist who looks equally fabulous dressed drag or gent.  With that said, I’d like to think of myself as being pretty open-minded. Nevertheless, this month’s edition of Industrie magazine, featuring Marc Jacobs dressed in womenswear, is a bit too twisted even for me.  Guys who dress and look like dolls I can handle. Thigh-high stockings over hairy legs, that don high heel shoes, displaying kankles and black painted toenails, I just can’t.

Marc Jacobs "Industrie" Magazine Photoshoot

Marc Jacobs "Industrie" Magazine Photoshoot

Marc Jacobs "Industrie" Magazine Photoshoot

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(Video) Lawyers Need to Get Back to Dressing Like Lawyers

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Photo Credit ZZegnaOfficial

I’ve worked in the legal industry for more than 15 years and have seen a number of changes. The most obvious change surrounds business attire. Lawyers, particularly those new to the field, seem to have forgotten that their profession is one of the highest paying and most prestigious careers on Earth. Why else would those working in an industry where “smart” dressing is the uniform of a powerful and successful lawyer dumb down to a more slovenly approach to dressing?  I remember a time when aspiring professionals could learn a lot about dressing professionally from attorneys. Today, it’s hard to differentiate who’s the attorney and who’s staff. Clearly, dress codes for today’s lawyers are much different than they were 15 years ago.  Still, looking crisp, polished, authoritative and professional, even when wearing business casual attire, rules.  Whether choosing to sport a power suit or a relaxed look, lawyers should always dress to impress.

  • Take Pride in Your Look and Your Profession
    Take pride in your image as an attorney.  You’ve worked hard to earn that J.D.  Look the part.
  • Buy the Highest Quality Clothing You Can Afford
    Invest in a high-quality suits.  Avoid less expensive, trendier outfits. Classics will stand the test of time. You can always spice things up with accessories.
  • Ladies, Make Sure You’re Wearing the Right Foundations
    Consider the quintessential items that should go underneath; Undergarments. That includes everything from Bras and Camisoles to Control Tops and Body Shapers.  These often forgotten pieces can truly make or break your look.
  • Wear Colors that Flatter You
    Based on your hair color, eye color and skin tone, some colors will naturally look better on you than others. Take the time to find out which colors flatter you most and build your wardrobe accordingly.
  • Find a Really Great Tailor
    Fit is paramount.  Ill-fitted clothes look cheap no matter how much they cost. Get referrals from the well-dressed people at your firm.
  • Find a Good Dry Cleaners, Too
    Ask your fashionable friends who they use and try different ones before making a decision.
  • Wear Jewelry Judiciously
    Tasteful accessories and jewelry can add interest to any outfit. A classic, but understated watch is a most. 
  • Stay Light on Perfume and Cologne
    Like jewelry, too much of a good thing is not a good thing at all. Think about how you reacted the last time you were trapped in an elevator with someone wearing way too much cheap perfume. Don’t let that be you!
  • It’s Better to Overdress than Underdress
    Nobody will fault you if you dress too nicely. And you can always “dress down” if you feel overdressed in a particular situation.

Check out these videos to help you put together a powerful look.

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Red Lipstick on Male Models = Epic Fail

Friday, January 21st, 2011

I like to think of myself as being pretty forward thinking.  But for the life of me, I don’t understand why Vivienne Westwood felt the need to place red lipstick on men models.  Not attractive and definitely not cool. I say epic fail.  What say you?

Vivienne Westwood Red Lipstick

Vivienne Westwood Red Lipstick

Vivienne Westwood Red Lipstick

Vivienne Westwood Red Lipstick

Vivienne Westwood Red Lipstick

Vivienne Westwood Red Lipstick

Vivienne Westwood Red Lipstick

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Tip Your Hat – How to Choose the Right Hat

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Picture Courtesy of Still Life.

Fellas.  News Flash.  If all you own are caps, you still have some growing up to do.  Real men wear hats.  If you ever wondered how to choose a suitable hat for your head, I’ve outlined a few principles to follow.  Shop for the perfect chapeau with these basic guidelines in mind, and you’re certain to be covered.

–The brim should be no wider than your shoulders.
–The crown should equal the width of your temples.
–Round faces should select taller crowns.
–Long faces should select shorter crowns.
–If you have a long nose, choose a brim that extends beyond the tip of your nose.
–Wide brims will help to de-emphasize ears that stick out.
–Most hats should be worn forward on the top of the head, with the crown covering part of the forehead.
–A slight tilt on the angle makes it more fashionable.
–Straw hats go with light-weight fabrics like cottons, linens, and the like.  So no wearing after labor day.

So now that you have the rules, you’re wondering where to shop.  No problem.  Located in Downtown Detroit, Henry the Hatter carries the widest selection of lids for men in the Metropolitan Detroit area.  Established in 1893, Henry the Hatter has two locations:  1307 Broadway Street, Detroit, Michigan  and 15656 West 10 Mile Rd., Southfield, Michigan.  Visit their website or contact them at (313) 962-0970 or (248) 557-7770 for additional information.

Another hatter with an impressive selection is Still Life.  Established in 2006 and located in the heart of the Lower East Side of New York City at 77 Orchard Street, New York, NY, Still Life carries an eclectic range of original designs.  Visit their website or contact them at (212) 575-9704.

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