(Video) A Look at Color as it Relates to Contrast – High Contrast
Friday, April 22nd, 2011

High Contrast

Wearing colors that are in sync with your natural color scheme play a significant role in your overall look. But don’t be fool. There’s more to the color equation. Identifying the level of contrast that exists in the colors of your own body and then repeating that level of contrast in what you wear is the little secret many color consultants fail to mention.

How to identify your contrast level

•  Take a self-photo and convert it to black and white.

•  Determine if your hair value is dark, medium or light.

•  Determine if your skin value is dark, medium or light.

Take a look at this picture of Sophie Ellis-Bextor. The high contrast between her hair and skin is easily recognizable.


Converting this same picture to black and white, notice how her dark colors appear very dark and her light colors appear very light.

Now, look at supermodel Alek Wek. Do you think her contrast level is high, medium or low?

Alek, too, has a high contrast level. Notice how the whites of her eyes and teeth contrast highly with her dark skin.

Alek’s high contrast is even more prevalent in this picture, as here we see not only how the whites of her eyes contrast with her dark skin, but also the contrast of the reflected light on her face.


Both look fabulous in high contrast color-combinations. Another winning look is wearing colors that contrast strongly against their hair

or skin

Now, take a look at this video. Note how all the models have dark hair; not one blond. Medium Contrast

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